Diploma in Computer Engineering course is all about the core concepts of computer science that includes the subjects such as networking, operation system, database, mobile computing etc. These are the basics for implementation and deployment levels where the computer engineering field requires candidates to be more productive and deployable, hence, it requires them to be good at communications.

These Diploma Holders are also applicable to other higher degree programs. Candidates also have broad choice of job opportunities in the public and private sectors. This include jobs in computer sale, installation and support for other business or set up own IT business and work with clients.

The main objective of this course is to make the candidate strong in the current technologies and encourage them to bring up more innovative and inventory ideas in the field of automation that would be helpful in solving real-time problems.


To be centre of excellence in the field of computer engineering by providing value based quality technical education.


1)To impart and inculcate both therotical as well as practical knowledge in students.
2) To develop competent professionals who are proficient in analysis, design and implementation of broadly-defined computer problems.
3) To create confident youth with a sense of duty, discipline and responsibility.